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As one of nine clubs making up the Bruce Trail, the Niagara Club is proud to be celebrating our 50th Anniversary throughout 2014. We promise you a year filled with fun, fellowship and good times for all as we mark this special occasion. We will start with our annual President's hike on January 1st.. In an effort to kick off this festive year with a light and jubilant flare, hikers will don silly hats while they hike around Glenridge Quarry.

Events planned throughout the year will recognize the efforts of the many hard working individuals who initiated the trail and who continue to build and maintain the trail. Our annual End-to-End hike as always will be held on the long weekend in May. This year the hike will be dedicated to Bert Lowe. As the first president of the club, Bert was instrumental in securing land along the escarpment. Today this land is secured in a public trust for future generations to enjoy.

Plan to join in the celebration. Check back with our website for an update on details and events planned for 2014.

Barbara Henderson, President

Niagara Bruce Trail Club


Be a Niagara Trail Angel
Every once in a while we have requests to help out a hiker. The request is either to drop them off at the beginning of a hike or to pick them up at the end of the hike and drive them back to their car. We encourage all hikers to hike safely and in groups so when we get such a request we urge hikers to post their hike on the NBTC Facebook page to see if they can organize their hike with other people. When that doesn't work, Niagara Trail Angels have come to the rescue carpooling for a single hiker or a couple with one car. It doesn't take a lot of time and may happen a few times a year. Trail Angels get to meet new hikers, be wonderful ambassadors for Niagara Bruce Trail and feel good about helping someone.

To become a TRAIL ANGEL contact Trudy Senesi (905) 935-9777, trudykp@becon.org or Margaret Northfield (905) 354-0188, northfields@sympatico.ca

Membership Increased!
We are pleased to announce that the membership for Niagara Bruce Trail Club has broken through the 600 mark! We have been hovering just below 600 members for a while and celebrate the fact that more people have shown an interest in conserving the trail for future generations as well as hiking along some of the most beautiful natural woods in the area.

Two Clubs, Two Trails, Two Badges
Caledon and Niagara share their 50th Anniversary this year so we are sharing our trails. We have coordinated a reciprocal hiking schedule so that BTC members from every club can complete these two sections over a more reasonable distance. Here are the dates for this summer:

Niagara (5): May 31, June 28, July 19, August 9, August 23

Caledon (4): June 7, July 5, July 26, August 16

Check out the club schedules for the details: www.niagarabrucetrail.org/hikes.htm

Niagara Bruce Trail Club, PO Box 176, Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON, L0S 1J0
Contact us at: niagarabrucetrailclub@gmail.com